Jane Pruitt Photography | About

Hi, my name is Jane (obviously) and I'm glad you've found my page.   I am a photographer based in Tucson, AZ.   I've always had an artistic side and filled that need with different hobbies in the past.   Well, a few years ago I ordered a Canon camera on Black Friday and every other artistic pursuit was quickly forgotten.   I lived and breathed photography as soon as my camera arrived.   I started with night photography, landscapes and similar subjects and then eventually moved into portraits/weddings/births/boudoir/and most recently car racing and sports.  I love the challenge of different subjects, different lighting, different speeds, etc as it keeps me on my toes.   Anyone can set up a studio, use a light meter, set their camera to the settings it says and push the button.   But a true photographer knows how light works and what poses work best and are able to produce quality images anywhere and any time.


I will say my favorite genres of photography are births (because it is such an amazing emotional experience and I love capturing those first moments), boudoir (because sensuality in all of it's forms is beautiful) and car races (something about the rumble of the engines and the smell of the gasoline makes my heart get excited).  But I am happy to discuss ANY of your needs no matter how small or maybe bizarre they may sound.  


Please click 'Contact' and send me a message and I will get right back to you.   Have a wonderful day!